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Leadership Lessons from the Fast Lane, by Washington Speakers Bureau, features a wide range of thought leaders, hosted by best-selling author and WSB exclusive speaker, Gary Heil. Each conversation will provide unique insight and valuable information that will help leaders better address the challenges they face in an environment that is rapidly and unpredictably changing.

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Gary Heil

Founder, The Center for Innovative Leadership and Best-selling Author

Gary Heil, an internationally recognized expert on service and leadership, helps organizations see things as they really are—not as people wish they were—in order to create lasting change. For the last four decades, he has been an ardent student of the human side of organizations. He was a pioneer in the study of employee engagement and loyal customer relationships, and he remains a vocal and passionate advocate for finding more effective ways to lead inspired teams. Heil is the co-founder of the Center for Innovative Leadership, where he continues to advise leaders in a wide range of industries on cultural issues.  He has served on a number of public and private Boards, including Gymboree, Red Envelope, and Front Range Solutions. He presently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Cell Tech Metals. He is the co-author of a number of best-selling books including Leadership and the Customer Revolution, One Size Fits One, Maslow on Management, The Leader’s New Clothes, Revisiting the Human Side of Enterprise, and co-authored Choose Love, Not Fear: How the Best Leaders Build Cultures of Engagement and Innovation That Unleash Human Potential.

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About the Series:
Presented weekly, Leadership Lessons from the Fast Lane will explore some of the most pressing challenges that leaders of today face, with the world’s most respected, creative, and successful thought leaders.
WSB is proud to represent many of the world’s greatest minds. We are excited to launch a forum for our leaders to share their ideas in ways that will challenge us to rethink how we’ve operated in the past and inspire us to create a new, more effective, successful path into the future.

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